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FruitenVeg is a non leather luxury bags label based in NYC, specializing in whimsical handbags both fun and practical. With playful combinations of exotic faux leather, fluffy faux fur, unique prints, colors and textures, we challenge the traditional materialistic concept of luxury goods. Color is used vibrantly and adventurously to produce statement pieces that complete a uniquely fun and fashion forward look.




NEVER leather. NEVER fur. Eliminating these luxury goods materialistic foundations is the continuous fuel for our creativity.  We’re always trying to redefine our version for best non leather handbags. From our point of view a worthy non leather designer handbags line should not only be made of vegan materials but rather combine functionality, newness and a fresh design angle. Being a non leather handbags designer takes more innovation and creativity which makes everything more challenging and interesting for us. A non leather purses designer must always be on the search for new materials. Striving to find faux leather and faux fur that will not only be pleasant to the touch but also kind to the environment.

KEEP IN TOUCH. We highly value our customers ideas and feedback. If you feel you just know what concept should be the next designer non leather handbags line based on, share it with us. There’s nothing more fruitful and satisfying for us than a good dialogue with you guys, the people that use our designer handbags non leather version of course. Feel free to write our design team to if you feel like discussing anything related to the never leather scene. Together we can make a change.