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THE IMPOSSIBLE FAUX EXOTIC SKINS HANDBAGS. Coming from a leather craftsmanship background has taught us appreciation of natural beauty. With our handbags and especially vegan clutch bags series we wanted to make the artificial materials an advantage and use them in a way that would be impossible with real exotic skins bags.

GAME CHANGE. Up until a few years ago, looking to buy faux exotic skins handbags was quite a difficult mission. The vegan designer handbags niche was near nonexistence and the possibilities were quite narrow. Today the faux leather field is in constant development bringing us many new and exciting materials. At FruitenVeg we source the most interesting vegan leather and fur options in order to assemble our whimsical creations.


SURPRISINGLY VEGAN. Searching for faux exotic skins handbags online will usually lead to imitation of the common croco, python and ostrich skins handbags. That is the reason why our vegan handbags are not exactly what people have in mind at first when looking to buy faux exotic skins handbags online. In FruitenVeg we avoid mimicking regular leather handbags, instead, we try to create something totally fresh and new.

THAT VEGAN BLING. Our bracelet clutches are a spicy (vegan) addition to any outfit. Use it to carry your phone, keys and IPad too. Fit the transparent bracelet to your wrist for an extra bling and rock this vegan clutch bag day and night..