Luxury Vegan Handbags. There is such a beast.

If you ask any traditional fashionista to try leather substitutes, she’d probably laugh in your face – best case scenario…

And if you try convincing her to ditch her chanel clutch in favour of a vegan handbag, the conversation would be over in less than 10 seconds…

I know this state of mind cause I've been there myself – tormented even by the thought of using a vegetarian handbag.

Thing is, the world has changed so much in the last few years, offering endless, fascinating leather substitutes that are also environmentally friendly, durable, beautiful and totally vegan. Even though it's still not the common choice, many vegan handbag designers now choose to follow their conscience and create 100% vegan bags.

In FruitenVeg, we try our best to use the most exquisite materials to create luscious luxury vegan handbags that are even more attractive and interesting than the common leather versions.

Unbelievably soft faux fur, amazingly pleasant to the touch. Beautiful, exotic vegan skins that make any crocodile look pale. Fun and playful designs that keep you smiling throughout the day. High-end craftsmanship, combining all of that goodness together into stylish luxury vegan bags that will surely attract everybody’s gaze.

So if you know the fashionista I was referring to at the beginning, send her my love and show her your FruitenVeg handbag.

DO NOT tell her it is a vegan designer handbag. Keep this little secret to yourself…

Never compromise on you style nor ethics ever again.

Unexpectedly vegan. FruitenVeg, the never leather project.