Vegan Silk Could Save Billions of Lives

 Silkworm cocoon (naturally in yellow or white)

Silkworm cocoon (naturally in yellow or white)

If you’ve ever questioned if just one person can make a difference by choosing to live vegan, here is one staggering point of proof. Did you know that in order to produce one pound of raw silk, 3,000 caterpillars (Silk Moth Larva) have to be steamed alive in their cocoons? These little guys are sentient beings who produce endorphins that allow them to both feel and respond to pain. Just one person, you, can save thousands of lives just by refusing to use products made from silk. But fear not fashionistas who love the cool smooth feeling of silk, there is a cruelty free alternative out there!

When you think of luxuriously soft silk, the prickly cactus plant probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. You’ll be surprised to know that for centuries people in Morocco have been using fibers from the Saharan Aloe Vera Cactus (in the Agave family) to make vegan silk. When the leaves of this particular cactus are crushed, heated, pounded and woven into a fiber they can be dyed and turned into highly durable silk fabric.

As with most vegan versions of fabric material, the material is not only more ethical but more durable and versatile as well. This vegan cactus silk is more elastic and is even wrinkle resistant. Yes, you heard me, silk that is wrinkle resistant has arrived!


Now top fashion designers such as the Queen of eco-friendly fashion herself, Stella McCartney, are using this veggie silk to make high-end fashion. If you’re the type of fashionable vegan that likes to end animal suffering and look good while doing it, take a moment to shop our animal-friendly store FruitenVeg for faux leather and faux fur fashions.