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SURPRISINGLY VEGAN. We love it when people find it hard to believe that our luxury vegan handbags are 100% cruelty free. Surprising our customers by creating something never seen before is our greatest challenge. That is what we tried to do with our MISHI vegan leather backpack. Zip down it’s center zipper to reveal the vibrant pleats extension allowing this vegan backpack to grow up to twice its original size.

EVERYDAY MAGIC. Paying attention to the smallest details is the secret of our vegan bags. Functionality and comfort are crucial when it comes to everyday bags and MISHI is our version for that fun bag you can take absolutely everywhere. Check out all of our non leather backpacks to find our KULU, a fancy faux fur backpack and MULAYA, a playful vegan laptop bag.


ONE SMALL STEP. The idea of giving up on leather wasn’t easy for us at first, coming from a leather craftsmanship background. It became inevitable after being exposed to the leather industry for a while. Back then creating non leather handbags seemed new and exciting. There weren’t many options for vegan leather handbags designer brands, nonetheless, luxury vegan handbags.

A NEW BEGINNING. Giving up on leather was the best choice we made. Designing vegan leather bags is highly challenging and interesting and the materials options are near endless. This rich materialistic world, constantly evolving, is the experience we try to give you by using our non leather bags. Vibrant, playful and a whole lot of fun.