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TOUCH IT. FEEL IT. Our high end faux leather handbags were designed to let you feel as if you carry your pet with you. That fluffy vegan luxury is light years different than any other fake fur bag online. If you are looking to buy fake fur handbags online we’ve got some options for you… Our NAMI is the sweetest vegan bucket bag you can ask for. Combines with it’s cute detachable purse, it is the perfect mini everyday bag. That being said, if you need some extra space for your essentials and looking to buy faux fur backpack online so check out our KULU bag. Its faux fur is as fluffy as all our handbags faux fur styles but it’s spacious contents will fit all your needs. This multi-use bag is one of the most vibrant faux fur backpack online styles; currently available. This playful style can become a faux fur shoulder bag as well.

TRUE OR FAUX. The attraction we share towards fur has been around since the dawn of history. Faux fur, or fake fur, was first introduced in 1929, and has been commercially available as from the 1950s. The new material was used to create fake fur handbags and coats mainly. It took the industry quite some time to refine that magical material to perfection. Up until a few years ago one could easily tell the difference between a real and a fake fur bag but we dare you to try now!


WE ARE FAMILY. To us our collection is very much like a family of handbags. Among this family KULU is definitely the ‘mother’ style, versatile and spacious and would suit your needs if you’re looking to buy faux fur shoulder bag or a faux leather bucket bag as well. KULU can become a backpack too and is therefore more suitable for excessive belongings. Among this family NAMI is the cheeky child to carry around day and night. If you’re looking to buy vegan bucket bag for your core essentials NAMI is the one for you.

PIONEERS.  The faux fur bags online niche is still not too large these days. A simple google search will not find too many designer handbags faux leather based brands. To us it means more freedom to develop this niche and research the new materials the world has to offer. We hope that in 10 years from now when you will want to buy faux fur handbags or simply a vegan bucket bag online you will find endless possibilities that will outnumber the animal based options out there.

PLAYFUL AND FUN. We think vegan fashion and in our case, designer faux leather handbags should not be taken too heavily. In other words, the fact we choose to make a vegan leather bucket bag, rather than one made of genuine leather, does not mean it should be beige or brown from raw cotton. For many people, the phrase vegan fashion brings exactly that to mind and we want to show with FruitenVeg that vegan can be fun! A lot more fun actually.