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CONFESSION. Up until a few years ago our designer has dedicated her career to genuine leather luxury ladies’ handbags. Back in the days, if you asked any of us to buy vegan handbags, we would probably refuse in despise. Back then we never saw the possibility to buy vegan designer handbags that would fit our style, nor to become a vegan purses designer. That being said, after getting to know the luxury handbags industry first hand we’ve decided to avoid animal based materials and mainly leather products. Slowly the thought of designing vegan luxury bags has become inevitable.

THE UNICORN OF ECO BAGS. After researching the vegan handbags online and offline market we realized that there weren’t enough special Vegan luxury handbags out there. Many of the designer bags vegan version had an unstylish vibe to say the least. Bottom line, we felt like we couldn’t buy luxury vegan bags that would make us really happy. We set ourselves a goal to create luxury vegan bags that will be fun, playful and vibrant, all under the finest craftsmanship standards. And just like that…FruitenVeg was born.


CONSCIOUSNESS FIRST. Seeing our Colorful Vegan luxury handbags collection, one might wonder about the sustainability of the materials we choose. For us the environment comes first and that is the reason why you will never find PVC in our collections. We’re using the most innovative and high quality faux leather and faux fur to create our signature multicolor vegan luxury handbags. If you’re looking to buy luxury vegan handbags made responsibly from eco-friendly materials check out our full collection of cute vegan luxury handbags and vegan designer purses too. For further details visit our Eco-Ethics page.

TRYING OUR BEST FOR YOU. We’re always thriving to create the best vegan luxury handbags we possibly can. Our designer vegan purses are very distinctive and are not for everyone but if you’re looking to buy vegan luxury handbags with unique presence that will surely turn some heads your way; you’re in the right place. Buy designer vegan bags that will become a genuine part of who you are and join the revolution.